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  導讀: September 24, 2007, 7:01 amMeet the New FDA Drug Boss; Same as the Old Boss Posted by Anna Wilde Mathews The Bush administration is shuffling some top

Could it be the administration wanted to deflect attention from the shifts? Well, Woodcock被看作是一個冷靜的人,這將引起藥品財富的密切關注,更多的金錢和更多的責任,包孕干細胞研究,這讓人追念起長期肩負賣力藥品評價與研究中心主任的Janet Woodcock成為軍醫署的代辦代理領班, resigned in protest over the delays in 2005.) Galson是一個職業性確當局官員。

健康博客昨天沒有寫,他不能就沒有處方出售告急避孕藥Plan B的一系列有爭議的決定(和未定定)公然的暗示不滿,他們但愿她能消除比來涌此刻公家面前的關于中心的一些爭執, September 24,它是這樣。

以便為機構大的厘革作籌備, the director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research,,他的跟蹤記錄表白他不是興風作浪式的人物, more money and added responsibilities. But the particulars of the law will have to be translated into specific regulations,藥品出產商說她強硬, knows how to get things done. Drug makers say she can tough, he didn’t make a public stink over the controversial series of decisions (and non-decisions) about selling the emergency contraceptive Plan B without a prescription. (Susan Wood。

assistant FDA commissioner for women’s health, but she’s widely seen as a pro who understands the agency’s unique culture and bureaucracy. They hope she can help defuse some of the conflicts at the center that have recently bubbled over into public confrontations. Woodcock在成為一名FDA委員代表之前帶領藥品評價與研究中心趕過十年, ,別的, so he may cause fewer problems with the Democrats on Capitol Hill. Moreover, Steven Galson,但是在很洪水平上她被看作一個了解該機構奇特文化和權要體制的職業妙手。

告急避孕藥和禁欲,比來通過的FDA法案將給藥品中心新的權利, a complicated process that’ll get close attention from the drug industry. 同時,那些主張是國會山**黨和利劍宮唇*激辯的發生發火點, so in case it’s news to you,但你可能沒有風聞上周五公布發表的****,(2005年賣力婦女健康的助理FDA委員Susan Wood在因延遲而激發的**中告退) Galson’s history as a low-key civil servant may help the administration put behind it the some of fuss over the Surgeon General job. In July,固然他不得不在幾個高度關注的爭論時與新聞記者打交道,在FDA,她知道怎樣干事, 7:01 am Meet the New FDA Drug Boss; Same as the Old Boss 誰是FDA的新老板? Posted by Anna Wilde Mathews 記者Anna Wilde Mathews The Bush administration is shuffling some top FDA personnel, which will bring back Janet Woodcock long-time director of CDER to be its acting overseer. (Both Galson and Woodcock are M.D.s.) See FDA’s statement here. 10月1日FDA藥品評價與研究中心主任Steven Galson將成為代辦代理軍醫署長。



The changes may help the administration avoid new complaints from Democrats in the wake of controversy about former Surgeon General Richard Carmona and to assure that the FDA’s drug center is run by a seasoned leader as the agency prepares for a big makeover. 這一轉變可以輔佐當局制止民主黨關于前任軍醫署長Richard Carmona的爭議激發新的不滿,但是這個法令的詳細說明將不得不被改變為明確的軌則和龐大的措施, Woodcock,而且保證FDA藥品中心在一個經驗厚實的帶領者打點下運轉, here goes. 是當局想用這一改觀來轉移注意力嗎?哦。

Woodcock is seen as a steady hand as the drug center comes to terms with the biggest legislative changes affecting its operations in at least a decade. The recently passed FDA bill will give the drug center new powers,回到FDA。

will become the acting Surgeon General on October 1. And it’s back to the future for the FDA, though he has had to deal with the spotlight during several high-profile controversies. At FDA, emergency contraception and sexual abstinence. Those allegations have become a flash point in larger battles between Capitol Hill Democrats and the White House. Galson作為無足輕重的國家公務員的經歷可以輔佐當局把關于軍醫署長事情的一些小題大做放在后頭。

who led CDER for more than a decade before becoming a deputy FDA commissioner。

前軍醫署長Carmona對國會說, Meantime,(Galson and Woodcock都是醫學博士)請看FDA的聲明, back at the FDA, former SG Carmona told Congress he was blocked from speaking out on controversial issues including stem cell research, the Health Blog wasn’t born yesterday,而不是一個政治上的被任命者。

but you might have missed the changes announced late Friday. 布什當局正在調解FDA的一些高層人員。

并且這將影響FDA的未來,他被禁止向外界談論有爭議的問題, Galson is a career government official,因為藥品中心想起跟著最大立法權轉變的術語在至少十年中影響它的運行, not a political appointee,所以他可能與國會山的民主黨引起更少的問題。

his track record suggest he’s not someone to make waves。

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