Available Jobs

Empire Wake is HIRING!!

Empire Wake is looking for regional help this year. We have a few positions we will need help with at each event around the country. The schedule will be posted soon with the exact locations, but we have attached the form if you are interested.

Some of the positions are:

- Event Coordinator
- Shop/ Registration
- Boat Driver
- Judge
- Dock Help/ Set up/ Break Down
- Videographer

*All positions are paid positions and include lunch, drinks, and some swag. Cash will be paid at the end of each day.

Locations which events are 100% going to happen:

- Altanta Georgia
- Table Rock Lake, Missouri
- Orlando Florida
- Waco Texas
- Dallas Texas
- Sacramento California
- Phoenix Arizona

Other possible locations:

- St Louis, Missouri
- Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
- Little Rock, Arkansas
- Upstate New York

Please download this form to get the process started and we know you are interested!
Empire Wake Job Application


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