The Rules

Here are the rules laid out as black and white as we know how to express them. Hope they are clear to all. If not, rule one will clear up any issues.

Rule 1.

We are here to have fun! If you want to complain, or whine, or throw a fit cause you didn't win, or something went wrong, or a boat ran through your run, there is wind, then please don't waste your time or ours entering any Empire Wake event. There are many other contests you can ride in that I am sure you will fit much better with.

Rule 2.

NO SANDBAGGING. The judges will know, the spectators will know, you will know. This is frowned upon and you will be asked to ride the correct division and your points will be lost.

Rule 3.

Each division has stipulations laid out next to them above. When a division says "up to 4 inverts" this means you are to do no more then 4 inverts. If you do five inverts, then you are bumped by the judges automatically. If you get bumbed please refer to rule one and two. If you are unsure of what an invert is, please do some research before coming to an event. If you can't name the inverts you are doing, you probably shouldn't be doing them. Rule of thumb, if your board goes above your head, it is an invert.

Rule 4.

Repeating an invert doesn't count as another invert. It is however frowned upon by judges. The only time you should repeat an invert is if it is a good one and you didn't land it the first time.

Judging will be based on a 2 judge system. The scores are 4 parts worth 25 points each totaling 100 points. The criteria are as follows:
  • Style: How well does a rider add his or her own style to their run. Grabs, pokes, and tweaks, are a few examples. It is making wakeboarding look aesthetically pleasing. The essence of style is a combination of smoothness and being unique.
  • Composition: Judges look for the riders’ ability to perform a fluid, creative run. Repeating tricks and lacking variety in your run may hurt your score. This is where a rider shows his mastery of wakeboarding. The second is part of composition is how technical the rider’s run is in comparison to the other riders in the same division.
  • Execution: How clean does each rider execute his or her run. Missed grabs, not riding away clean from a spin and butt-checking may hurt your score.
  • Amplitude: We want you to take tricks big! The bigger the better.
The judges are educated and knowledgeable they are the judges and not the announcer or other staff members. If you have questions, please ask someone BEFORE you ride
Each rider is given one run, (or 2 passes) with 3 falls.
The tow boat will be weighted the same throughout the entire division never changing until a new division.
Riding conditions and other boat wake will not be a cause for a re ride. Only the judges and head coordinator can decide if a rider receives a re ride at any time. Majority rules in this decision.

Divisions for all Empire Wake Events:

Beginner – 180s and 1 invert and grabs. 
Intermediate – Riders are allowed 4 inverts and 360’s. No spins over a 360 are allowed. Also no mobes are allowed in this division. If a rider can execute a move, judges will assume that rider is sandbagging and they will be bumped to the correct division. 
Advanced- Riders are allowed 7 inverts and 540 spins. Mobes are not allowed. 
Open – This is a division anyone can ride in. This division gets the most points for a team. There are no limitations on inverts or spins. 
Womens - Must be female. Female riders are welcome to ride divisions more associated with their level of riding.
Wakeskate – No bindings. 


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