Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Welcome to the Team Maarten van Vliet

Maarten van Vliet
Richardson, Texas

Maarten is our first team rider added in 2015 to the Empire Wake and The Empire Shop- Team B.

These group of riders are up and coming looking to make a presence regionally. However, Maarten has already ventured out for bigger events like the Monster Triple Crown at Velocity Island where he took 3rd.

At just 12 years old, Maarten has been around watersports since he was just 5. He chose wakeboarding because he could learn at his own pace and doesn't have to wait on other people like the team sports world requires. He loves just being out at the cable park all day working on new tricks.

Hydrous Wake Park is his local riding spot where he does most of his training on a CTRL set up.
Keep an eye out for this kid as he is progresses his way to pro!

Signature Trick: Method

Working on: Back 7

Favorite Rider: Graeme Burress

Other Sponsors: Born on a Board


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