Thursday, March 5, 2015

Empire Wakeboard Team

It has been a long term dream, and three years in the making for Empire Wake to finally have it's own team. It is something we have had a deep passion for and spent many miles on the road discussing. Thanks to the input by many of the creative minds behind wakeboarding, we have set our goals, contracts, and team atmosphere.

On March 28th and 29th, Empire Wake will be hosting an open try out at BSR Cable park in Waco, Texas in order to pick the core of an A Team and a B Team. Team A will consist of 5 riders in 2015 that can compete behind boat, or on cable for Empire Wake. Team B can be up to 10 riders who will ride just for The Empire Shop. A panel of judges will be there getting to know each rider, observing, and coaching all the riders who attend the try out.

These judges will then pick both teams in the following weeks not just based on your riding, but personality and other factors we are looking for in creating our first family.

Team B is open to many levels of riding. This team is created to really help the amateur rider grow to the next level. It is a great way to get free gear such as boards, vests, and watches, while getting to  meet other potential sponsors, be a part of the community, and use our resources to improve. You can be any age or just excited about the sport and wanting to push your riding ability. We are looking for many different types of riders for this team, so come give it a shot.

The A-Team is here to get paid! We have allotted each of the 5 riders a small budget for the year to help them travel, pay entry fees, get gear, and anything else to improve their riding. We are looking for the Jr. Men's level riders to start. These are the riders very active in the wakeboarding community, making podium, competing, and pushing to become pro.

The team riders will get deep discounted items from The Empire Shop as well as free Empire Wake team gear. Our program also helps the riders get free gear from all of our partners as well as sets them up to graduate into a team rider of those partners directly.

Empire Wake will offer monthly professional coaching for the team riders. This will help each rider become better and better as well as offer an education on what steps need to be taken to make the pro field.

Along with coaching, our staff will be here to manage and guide you through your journey. This includes, photos, videos, branding, sponsors, events, and social media. It's always good having someone give you a foot up in the industry.

BSR will be offering a discount to those who come tryout for the weekend. We have also rented 2 cabins for any rider who signs up to stay for free with us.

All riders will be given a special shirt and allowed to free ride while we observe. This should let you show us what you have without the nerves or worry. You are welcome to come for 1 day, or both.

Other Empire Wake sponsors will be on site to help as well as watch you ride. This is a good way to get some attention for yourself.

To sign up, please download the EMPIRE WAKE mobile app and click the "Team Button." Fill out the form and it will automatically submit to us. After that see you at BSR March 28th and 29th.

Make sure to tell them at the front desk to get the Empire Wake Team rider discount. Your name will be on a list at the front.

Thank you so much for your interest in our team! See you on the water!!


  1. Anyone in the midwest (Missouri) area wanting to go down and save on gas, I've got a mini van and me and two buddies are wanting to go. I've got room for 4 more and gear. Money is tight, so if we could fill the van that would be amazing and everyone would save on gas. might be at most $20 a person there and back (rough estimate). Meeting in Springfield, MO on the thursday or friday depending on people. Message me if your interested, would love to go to this event and make new friends along the way. (thats my Facebook) (email, make the subject "WACO VAN TRIP")


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