Thursday, September 11, 2014

College Wakeboard Season Is Upon Us!

This is always an exciting time of year for the college athletes! There is less boat traffic on the lakes, football playoffs, and of course, COLLEGE WAKEBOARDING!

Now entering its 6th year, the College Wake Series is loaded with talent and teams. Each season we watch more clubs pop up around the nation as well as become more motivated to compete. This was lacking so many years ago.

For the 2014-15 season we welcome 76 college programs with a few more on the horizon by years end.

We welcome back the ASU Wakedevils our back to back College Wake Champions with a new president and some new members. We welcome back all our long time sponsors and welcome in our new ones. We welcome back the hope of a new champion, and freshman riders. And we welcome in all the new additions and changes.

The College Cable Tour is now entering its 3rd full season with new events and new parks. We are hosting an event at the brand new Velocity Island Park in Sacramento.  We are also looking to spring to open the gates of Miami Cable Park with Aktion in hopes of a new partner as well as looking north to Wake Nation Cinnci.

We see Knights Wake taking their club to a whole new level as they work side by side with OWC hosting lessons and riding daily. They will be back this year to become back-to-back College Cable Champions at Hydrous Lake Lewisville next week.

All these new parks have opened up opportunities for our clubs to expand into cable. We are seeing more and more options to offer riders to learn and compete for their school.

Lastly, we are ready to introduce College Wakesurfing. There will be 3 events this year with chances for teams to compete and begin the 3rd and final chapter to the College Level. We are looking to have multiple events each weekend to offer more to teams and clubs and their riders.

Be a part of this new level that is growing at an astronomical rate. See what all the excitement is about and come join us this fall at an event.

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