Friday, August 29, 2014

The Empire Shop Keeps Growing

The Empire Shop has been a great addition to Empire Wake so far. It has opened so many new doors for us as well as created an outlet for all our supporters to get great gear in one spot.

The product you see on The Empire Shop is from our event sponsors and only our event sponsors. This means we have tied in a way to give back to all our partners have given us.

What does this mean to the consumer? If you shop at The Empire Shop, the profits (unless otherwise stated) go back into Empire Wake, the shop, and the events! Simply, you are helping fund your own events around the country.

The Empire Shop is also about supporting the wakeboard community where it can. It has helped raise money for the Brad Smeele Foundation and will be looking for new contributions in the future. If you have a charity, or great cause that needs some support, please reach out to us and we can work together and find a way to help out.

Need a great deal? Just by following Empire Wake on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you will always find great discount codes to help you save.  The codes change often and give you different items to save on. It pays to keep up!

We want to thank everyone for your on going support as Empire Wake continues to grow for the grassroots level of wakeboarding. YOU have made it worth every minute of it!


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