Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Donate to the Brad Smeele Foundation

It has been heartbreaking to see what Brad Smeele is going through. Like all great athletes who push the sport as he does, sometimes injuries can happen. Brad is fighting everyday to recover. It has been a blessing to get to watch the wakeboard community all over the world come together as ONE to support ONE rider in a time of true need.

Brad has so many fans, and people who genuinely care for him and his recovery. His family needs it more than anyone at this time. We couldn't begin to image what it must have been like getting that phone call back in New Zealand.

Empire Wake wants to do anything it can to support Brad as well. We felt the love of the wakeboard community early this year and all its support. This is 100x bigger! So in order to help how we can, we have created a custom die-cut sticker for you to put on your car, board, laptop, street sign, helmet, best friend, or any other place you can find to stick it.

Go to and pick up one of 3 colors. We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Brad Smeele Foundation each week in order to help as much as we can.

We know you can always just go donate directly, and we encourage that as well. Make a statement with the decal and let others know you are 1 community. Maybe there is someone out there that can help that is outside of wakeboarding. We hope this decal draws attention and people ask questions. Brad needs an angel here on earth to help with the massive medical cost of this injury.
Thank you for being part of the ONE. 


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