Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Tour will Go on!

We like to believe the American spirit is to pick yourself up, dusk your self off, and continue to pursue your American Dream. Once in this great country that is what people did. They worked hard to get to the top, and sometimes events happened that were heartbreaking and crippling to their way of life. The strong Americans just rebuilt and showed their heart and their stability.

This is just what we plan to do. If we are going to call this an All American Summer, we sure as hell better act like it. The Empire truck is up and running, Landan Luna, our amazing videographer, is working to get his gear back, and a few of our loving supporters have donated to us to help get back on our feet. We still have a long way to go, but we refuse to miss a single event.

The All American summer will go on! Come out and show us your spirit too. Dress up, bring flags, drink some American beer, just show us your support. It will help us regain our strength to hold these events for you.

Whats left on the tour:
June 14th - Table Rock, Missouri

June 21st - Lake Pleasant, Two Cow Cove, AZ
June 28th - The Watersports Farm, Sacramento CA
July 4th - Lake Lewisville, The Colony Texas

Fun Demo Days at the Park:
June 11th - Wakezone Cable Park, Oklahoma City, OK
June 17th - Wakeboard Island, Parker AZ
June 26th - Velocity Island, Sacramento, CA
July 5th - Hydrous Wake Park, Little Elm, TX

Look forward to seeing everyone, having a great time, and hooking you up with lots of gear and prizes!


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