Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Empire Shop is NOW OPEN!

There is finally one place you can get all our amazing sponsor gear! Now open is THE EMPIRE SHOP for everyone in North America to enjoy.

This shop is built with a different concept in mind. To start, it was built to help all of our brands who have supported you, the rider, with prizes and money to help make our events possible. It is the best way we can give back to those who have supported you and us.

Second, The Empire Shop is here to help raise more income to help create larger events for everyone. This means more fun, more to do, and a stronger wakeboarding community. We don't want to put a financial strain on sponsors. They need to be able to spread their marketing over more events than just ours. With the ability to raise our own income with the help of our sponsors, we will take some of the strain off.

Next this shop is for you! If you follow our events, social media or mobile app, there will be coupons for you to save! It is our way to reward you for supporting us. See our theme here? "Support those who support you?" You knew that was coming back around.

So check it out! Enjoy the shop! We are very excited to have this as part of Empire Wake. There is already a coupon code on our Facebook page.



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