Thursday, May 15, 2014

Please Help us Recover

It is time for us to hit the road again to head west for the next events of the All American Summer Wakeboard Tour. We would like to start by THANKING those people who were so gracious to donate and help us on the way to recovering what we lost.

As most of you know by now our truck was stolen in front of our eyes while in Atlanta Georgia. We lost almost $30,000 in gear including cameras, laptops, tents, tables, boards, bindings, PA system, and more.

Thanks to the help of a friend in Altanta and Ebay, we set up 1 guy and an arrest has been made at According to the police, not much can be done however. It is amazing to see what the real system is like.

We are still in need of our last few items to help keep our events moving. These items being tables, mics, flag poles, and some other expenses while we start recovering with each event.

Any amount goes toward replacing what was lost and destroyed. Please help by donating today with us! Just click the button below.

Thank you in advance, we love what we do and do it to give back to you.

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  1. Why don't you post a description of the vehicle and exactly what is lost. Better yet, post that description to and to Your community is huge, use it.


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