Thursday, May 8, 2014

Empire Wake FREE Mobile App

 So much is going on with Empire Wake in 2014. From the new grassroots tour, All American Summer Wakeboard Tour, to the new online shop, The Empire Shop. 

Now we are proud to announce the launching of our brand new Mobile App! Best part? It is FREE!! That is right... FREE. Why wouldn't you get it now?

The app offers something for everyone who loves wakeboarding. You can not only register for any Empire Wake event (now a requirement), but you can find every cable park in North America, watch videos, shop at The Empire Shop, and see what is going on in the world of wakeboarding through our news section.

This app isn't all about Empire Wake either. The calendar has other events going on all over the country, you can submit your own photos for our gallery, you can get discounts to The Empire Shop, as well as win some gear just by downloading the app. 

The app will continue to grow and change each month. We will have new features, different backgrounds, and send out push notifications to help keep you in the know.

Bored in class? Tired of working at work? Just love wakeboarding? Then this is a great app for you to have on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

To get this app, just click below or use the QR code right off this page.

Remember, we will have giveaways for supporters who have our app. Stay tuned for our first promotion and giveaway coming up next week! It is a big one.


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