Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ossur, They're a sponsor!

It is a new partnership we hope we never use! Sadly, injuries happen, and in wakeboarding there is none more prominent then a knee injury.  Fortunately, for the unfortunate, Empire Wake has teamed up with the staff of Ossur, maker of the CTi brace.

The crew at Ossur are here to help you when things go bad on the water. This partnership runs deep. It isn't about prizes, or something to take home from an event. What you can take home is some comfort that a well trained and knowledgeable staff can get you to the right doctor, physician, and into the correct brace to help you recover or even prevent future injury.

Through the whole "sponsorship" process, we have had a chance to get to know Don LoGuercio personally. He had plenty of time to talk with us while trying to bribe ObamaCare into only "supporting" Ossur products, (the website was down).  He was able to answer some questions on the company and product. Don is based out of Arizona and has become the go to guy for making sure you, the athlete, are taken care of correctly.

CTI knee braces in action from Collin Harrington on Vimeo.
Ossur is one of the largest producers of non-invasive bracing and supports in the WORLD.  Some of there most commonly used products in wakeboarding are: CTi Ligament Knee Brace (preventative & post-op), Cold Rush (cold therapy machine), Innovator DLX+ (post-op surgery knee brace), Wrist & Thumb bracing, Walking Boots (for ankle sprains, strains and factures) and many others.  They have over 30,000 items!

Ossur is not only a bracing and supports company but a prosthetic company providing bionic prosthesis to amputees returning from overseas, children and others who have lost their limbs due to numerous circumstances.

For all our athletes and supporters, Ossur is here to give you piece of mind that someone has your back. Don is available for any questions or needs.

He can be reached at: dloguercio@ossur.com

We are proud to have Ossur supporting Empire Wake. We know it is a relationship that will last for years to come. 

Just adding another top company to our family in 2014. 

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