Thursday, December 5, 2013

Candy for Thought

This past season Empire Wake picked up a unique new partner out of Denver Colorado. The brand was brought to light by an explosive rider by the name of Jade Whirley. After some talks with Jade, we here at Empire gave Aaron at Candy Grind a call and found out everything we needed to know.

To start, and to my disappointment, Candy Grind is in no way linked to Candy Crush. This is a common mistake that people have associating the brand to anything with the name "Candy" or "Grind."

Secondly, again to my disappointment, they DO NOT have windowless vans that they sell clothing out of the back (Nor candy for that matter).

With those myths out of the way, we got into the core of the brand and how amazing it is and dialed into the action sports world they really are.

Aaron Mynett is the brains behind the public relations and also a part owner. However, it was Austin and Brandi Paik that created the brand. The two had been shredding up in Big Bear when they had the idea in 2007. To make this dream a reality, they met with Breck snowboarding and moved to Colorado to set up shop. Both Brandi and Austin have backgrounds in fashion out of Las Angeles, California.

Candy Grind started out in the snowboard industry.  Overtime, they didn't want to just hybernate when the snow melted. They moved into a summer line and thanks to some riders like Jade, they are making huge strides in some gear that will rival the "big brands."

On our fall College Wake and Cable tour, we were able to stop by the now

old warehouse and offices. They were in the process of packing up and moving to a better location, but we still got to see how cool it would be to work with these guys.

To start they are supported by PBR. There was a vending machine loaded with cans. They had a mini ramp to skate, and an amazing atmosphere where it really felt like family. Part of this has to do with each of the 5 members inhouse are all part owners. That clearly isn't everything to them though. There is so much heart and passion running through those walls (and stitches).

This is a brand that is going to be around a long time. If you are looking to wear apparel that has more meaning then a bottom line and a board of directors looking to make max profit, and minimize cost, then you need to give Candy Grind a real look.

Currently, they have a full snowline of hoodies, jackets, gloves, bags, and beanies. They also have a summer line with boardshorts, tees, hats, bags.  Check everything out at Candy Grind's Website.

Although Candy Grind is already building a solid team, Aaron hopes one day they can get Anastasia Ashley into some gear. Now that would be some delicious Candy...


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