Monday, August 5, 2013

Elevate Yourself

Machi Block isn’t the type of guy to blend in. He towers at 6’5” with wild, red hair.  He has as big of a smile as he is a guy and it is always on his face. Machi’s clothing line isn’t here to blend either.

Elevated Clothing started in 2003 in Northwest Montana where Machi, the creator, attended both high school and college. In 2010 he moved the company to Southern California where it is based out of today. Elevated Clothing provides a relaxed style that blends harmoniously with the flashy action sports style. At first, it was a single shirt design (literally only one printed), but after much encouragement (and access to a screen printer), Machi decided to “elevate” his brand.

Machi relied on the encouragement of his friends and family as he left mechanical engineering to study graphic design. He decided that his brand would be more than just something to wear, but instead would stand as an encouragement to extreme sport athletes to pursue their passions and to live a good life. With many opportunities knocking on Machi’s door, he and the crew of Elevated Clothing went on a nation-wide tour to promote the brand. The 5 guys hopped into an ’85 Chevy Van and proceeded to travel 15,000 miles around the country in 6 weeks.

As a die-hard snowboarder most of his life, Machi naturally fell in love with wakeboarding. He loved the memories that were being made with his friends while traveling. Everything from bonfires in Seattle to catching crabs for the first time off the Pacific Coast (the seafood). Block knew the wakeboard lifestyle was something he wanted to be submersed in, thus his inspiration sprang forth.

He is currently working on the wakeboard style of clothing. They will be launching a new board short that will be very versatile and look like “nothing anyone has seen”.

Have no regrets to look back on and live your life to the fullest.”  - Machi Block

Want to see more from Elevated? They will be at Surf Expo in Orlando Florida September 6-8th. Also check out their website at

-Article by Katie Abbott. 


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  2. Thank You guys, I'm honored by your words. Stoked on it! ELEVATED: Live Life to the Fullest..


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