Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New sponsor Marine Products SLC

Marine Products Salt Lake City

You would never think Salt Lake City would be home to a shop of this caliber. It's a shop that you would expect to see in Florida. Afterall, the wake scene is dwarfted by the epic snowboarding just 25 minutes to the east.

The two story building is loaded with every thing any water enthusiast could need.  When you enter, you are greeted by two nice (looking) girls waiting to ring you up.

The wakeboard and wakeskate wall is the most impressive you'll find anywhere filled with Slingshot, Hyperlite, Ronix, Byerly and CWB. Pick your weapon and a set of bindings. Try not to get overwhelmed.

If you don't already have one, check out the selection of Axis Wakeboard Boats on the lot. They sell a few other brands too, but when you have an Axis, what else do you need?

Don't forget your ropes, handles, shades, shotgun koozies, sandals..

If you are as stoked on this shop as I was, there are plenty of MP stickers, hoodies, hats, and shirts to grab and show your support.

Tell Jeremy and Colby what's up, give some high fives, flirt with the girls up front and buy a few things. Drop the Empire Wake name and get a discount while you are at it.

Shop online with the code for EMPIREWAKE to get 10% off your order

Check out the online shop here


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