Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Out of the Norm" Wake Video

Out of the Norm: FULL VIDEO

North Carolina continues to pump out amazing riders. From back in the day with Austin Langston, Brandon Graham, Brandon King, and Brad Holland to now with Sam Baker, Stephen Pierce, Nick Joseph, Ben Pierce and Matt Deal.

Along with those riders have been some incredible videos and photos such as "No Named Losers" by Teleprompeted Anthems and the solid photography of Jason Hudson. The scene has just continued to develop like no other in the country.

The most recent production is by 20 year old Rob Russell. He shot and edited "Out of the Norm" with a very low budget and shot in just a few months. Rob is from Cornelius NC which is located just outside of Charlotte and attends N.C. State for college.

Here is a quick Q & A with Rob about the film:

q: What was your favorite part about shooting this video?

Rob: Almost every rider in the video lived in a different part of NC, so I got to spend a lot of time traveling around the state all summer and really making the most of my time. The best part was just getting everyone out to ride and forming awesome friendships along the way. Everyone put in an equal amount of work and cared about getting it done, so it made it a fun time. I will always remember the OOTN crew.

q: Is "Out of the Norm" a play on words from Lake Norman?

Rob: Ben Pierce actually came up with the name, and it was a play on words from LKN. When we actually sat down to plan it though, we decided it needed to be about NC as a whole. There was just too much talent and locations to limit it to riders from one area. The name just stuck anyways.

q: What are some other accomplishments in video that you have had?
Rob: I compete when I can in contests or film festivals when they come to town. I want to make sure I have a hand in every kind of filming, and not limit myself to one subject. Finishing this project was definitely the biggest accomplishment thus far. I have a long way to go, though.

q: Do you plan to produce another video?

Rob: As of right now I’m going to keep filming as much as possible, just not for anything as ambitious at the moment. I have a few things planned for the near future so lookout for some new material.

q: What is something you would like to say to all the viewers?
Rob: A big thank you to everyone for all the support and for taking time to watch it, and to go out and ride with your friends! Special thanks to the riders Matt Deal, Michael Sutherland, Ben Pierce, Sam Baker, Gordon Harrison, and Stephen Pierce, without them the video wouldn’t exist.


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