Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's time for college wakeboarding

It's that wonderful time of year when all the kids head back to school, get new clothes, new houses and new friends. It's the time when girls pretend to be lazy in the morning by putting on track shorts, but really took an hour doing hair and make up. It's also that time when riders get together after a long summer and join forces to create their college wakeboard team.

Even though wakeboarding is supposed to be an individual sport, these riders come with a lot of team pride. They want to win and get their bid for the Championships in Las Vegas. There are prizes to be won, pictures to be taken, but more importantly the bragging rights of who is number 1.

We see this each year. Teams take it personally when they don't win. They vow to return to the next event with better riders and more people. They bring flags, tents, and team jerseys to show their unity. There is no more exciting level of wakeboarding.

College Wakeboarding has just begun. In 2009 the Collegiate Wake Series was created in response to a nationwide out cry that college wakeboarding was falling apart. A group of 7 students from different schools got together and rewrote the program over the spring. The result was an explosion of teams. There are more sponsors than ever before. The tour grew from 25 teams to 60. Events are pulling 60-95 riders a day.
The level of riding has grown as well. Teams such as Arizona, Chico St, South Florida, Texas State and Central Florida are pushing all new levels.

What will we see in the next few year? We will break 100 college wakeboard teams, we will see money being poured into the teams from outside support, we will see bigger College Wake Championships, and we will see more school pride.

This is an exciting time for wakeboarding. With the growth of cable parks in the country, teams now can ride both boat and cable. Join a club, and help build the most exciting level in wakeboarding.

GO TEAM! See you at a tour stop representing your school and team pride.


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