Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hula Boat Care Rocks Your Boat

We came across Hula Boat Care this summer while setting up the Texas Wake Series. With a focus on Texas based companies, it was great to find a product like this right here in Austin, TX.

The creator, John Lakkis grew up in the automotive surface care industry working for two multi-national companies that worked in both the US and overseas. In his last assignment however, he was responsible for an industrial division that handled surface care products for fiberglass manufacturers. He spent several years working at boat factories around the world, helping them establish polishing protocols and systems to enable them to sell the best looking boats to their dealers. This gave him a well roundedness in understanding the different types of gel coats and paints and how to use them making each boat look its best.

This experience and a little push from some friends in 2010 helped him launch Hula Boat Care in Austin, Texas. Despite all odds against John, with the flat-lining economy and worst drought in the history of Texas, Hula Boat Care is doing very well.

John used another great tactic to push his products above the others; the smell. I can honestly say I have a smile on my face while cleaning a boat and using these products. The fragrance takes you to a tropical beach in Hawaii. It calms your mind while scrubbing and wiping down the fiberglass and vinyl.

Prior to these new products, rumor has it that after long days at the factory he would come home smelling like chemicals. His wife would make him hose off in the backyard before being allowed in the house. In the summers this wasn’t so bad, but come winter John had had enough. Since Hula Boat Care products are biodegradable and environmentally safe, he would just spray himself down with a bottle (also recyclable).

Another story is told that John wanted his products to be used on a boat while people were on board or needed incentive to clean up the boat after a fun filled day. So one thing that he thought of was to make the products smell amazing.

Either way, not only do the products work, but they also make everyone nearby very happy.

If you would like to get your hands on some, check with your local boat dealer first. If not then buy direct online,

The products are not only amazing on boats and fiberglass, but some can be used on cars and trucks. Surf Off Wash & Wax can be used as a car wash, Surf Away Spray Detailer can be used as a quick detailer on car paints, and Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner can be used on car interiors.

(It is NOT recommended to use waxes on cars as they may not offer the highest luster for an automotive finish)


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