Friday, December 16, 2011

Heading in the Right DIRECTION

I had a chance to catch up with Justin Bowers of Direction Boards while at the Collegiate Wake Series Beaumont stop. Direction came down to support all the collegiate teams in the region while getting to show off all their gear.
Direction is based out of Clear Lake, TX where Justin started the company in his garage with 3 cans of spray paint, a few skate deck he got for his seventeenth birthday, and the dreams induced from the spray paint fumes.

Let’s start out with the most important question of this year:

Q: Are you excited the NBA lockout is over and basketball players now get to make more money?

Justin: Yep, it is sure a rich man’s sport now. Most people can’t afford to attend the games or buy team merchandize. How can they ask for more money? It is an insult to the fans.

And now to the other questions:

Q: What made you start Direction?

Justin: After painting my first boards, and then creating screen printed T-shirts that were popular with my friends, I decided to start a real company. By the time I graduated from Clear Lake HS, several hundred shirts and boards could be seen around town.

Q: In what “Direction” are you looking to go with your company?

Justin: I hope to get into all board sports. This would include wake, surf, snow, and skate. I have been working on a clothing line to go with my boards. So that will be my next “Direction.”

Q: Are you just focused on Texas right now? Or other states too?

Justin: We mainly focus on Texas but have a few East and West Coast orders. Texas is the place to be for all action sports. We’ve got cable parks popping up as well as skate parks. There are miles of concrete for longboarding and plenty of decent waves to surf on throughout the state.

Q: You make wakeskates and skateboards currently. Do you plan on other board sports as well?

Justin: We just got our first longboard prototype. By summer we plan to also feature a surfboard line.

Q: What is your favorite part about your company?

Justin: Interacting with the riders and seeing them with my boards, shirts, and hats. The riders inspire me to keep moving toward better and more exciting products.

Check out Direction Boards website to see what else they are doing . We appreciate the support of the wakeboarding and Empire Wake.


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