Monday, November 21, 2011

The Dirty South with Alex Graydon

The first thing you notice when you meet this 21-year-old rider from Lake Martin, Alabama is his hair. The nest of dirty dreads defines him from a mile away. But when you watch him ride, you quickly realize that is what gives him his Sampson like strength.

“My hair is definitely an important part of my life. I keep it in a special helmet that sponsor Shred Ready casted for me,“ said Graydon. “If I lose my hair, my girlfriend will break up with me, and my career might be over. No one would recognize me while I ride.”

It doesn’t matter if he is behind a Malibu, killing it for Singleton Marine group or on the cable at McCormick’s cable park, he feels right at home in the Dirty South. His style is what is most impressive. Just watching this guy ride makes you want to try harder, go bigger, and find a style of your own.

The cable park is where we found Alex in the first place. He is a Slingshot team rider, so having a versatile board is a perfect fit for him.

“I have so much fun riding cable because there's so many diverse riding styles you can have in one lap. I love being able to do something big and stylish off the kicker, then making a rail hit look really unique, then doing a technical trick around the corner.”

There is a lot more to Alex then just his hair and stylish riding. He also likes to eat food, talk politics, and he paints.

“Like wakeboarding, my paintings are an emotional expression and personal to me. Sometimes after I have a good set, I will head back to the house and pull out the brushes to express my happiness. Other times, on the rare occasion I ride poorly, I do the same thing.” – Alex Graydon

This is one of Alex’s older paintings when from 2008.

Graydon's political views run as well rounded as all other aspects of his life. He voted for McCain in 2008 (not cause he is white though), and is looking into the Palma/Lyman ticket for 2013.

“Josh Palma is rad as hell, killer rider, and I’m pretty sure his stimulus package would involve a couple of new cable parks. Lyman's a military man. We need more of that in the government.”

After more thought, and the compelling argument from Graydon, we here at Empire Wake completely agree. Having met both Palma and Lyman, it is what this country needs.

Palma/Lyman 2013!!

It is great to have Alex Graydon part of the Empire Wake family now and we look forward to watching this rider continue to grow. With our emphasis on style, this is truly what he is all about: Style!


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