Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alpinestars very own Tyson White

When most people think of Alpinestars, racing comes to mind. There is nothing wrong with that. They make some of the top racing gear in the world. You can see drivers such as Ken Block (Rally), Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR), and Carl Edwards (NASCAR) wearing the brand. They also are teamed up with Travis Pastrana and a list 3 miles long of big names in SuperCross, FMX, Street Racing, and more. Legit enough for you?

Enough about racing, let's kick back to the more laid back atmosphere of wakeboarding. This is something pretty new to Alpinestars. Thus enter Tyson White, the general manager and designer.

The water tight PR team at the main office in Torrance CA, let me infiltrate their high security, private company to speak with Tyson about what is going on with their new line. I
believe it was Tyson, at least, even though the interview answers are somewhat scripted and resemble an experienced team of veteran writers who knew how to make every answer sound perfectly fitting, such as a football player thanking God before each interview....

Tyson became involved with the industry in 1995. He had worked for companies such as Rip Curl, Burton and Analog before striking gold in
2009 when he had the good fortune of meeting the owner of Alpinestars. Tyson was exposed to how powerful the brand was (globally) and was inspired to join their amazing team.

Who is the mastermind?

White: Well I would like to first thank God..(Just kidding we made that part up)

Actually Tyson White: "In 1963 it was the company founder Sante Mazzarolo. He passed the torch to his son Gabriele about 20 years ago, who has run (and grown) the company very successfully ever since. They have shared a very amazing legacy together – beginning with making the world’s best motorcycle boots, and when Gabriele Mazzarolo took over he expanded into the other major sports in racing such as Formula One, Nascar and now we sponsor the world’s best athletes in these and other sports. Between the father and the son they represent nearly 50 years innovation."

Alpinestars is an independent privately owned company. Did you participate in the"Occupy Wall St" movement yet? Or, I guess "Occupy Torrance?"

White: "Ha ha... No, but we were just in NY recently and witnessed it first hand. Being a privately owned company, Alpinestars has the ability to operate more freely than some of the publicly-traded companies we compete with in Action Sports. We can in many cases move much quicker, and more importantly, we can stay true to the core values of the company without worrying simply about profits, quarterly reports and shareholders. That’s a huge benefit to me, and I’m really stoked that we can do that. It’s all about the product and staying true to who we are as a brand."

Will there be an Alpinestars banner held up? "Team Occupy"?

White's PR Team: "Not there, but at many other events around the world you can see our flag flying."

Q: Your new HD Boardshorts are amazing! What inspired you to head in this direction?

White's PR Team: "We have a special place in our heart for boardshorts - not just because we like to surf and ride - but also because in action sports it’s a category where you can really push the envelope in technology and innovation which is, above all else, the core of this amazing brand."

Q: When I think of your main office, I think of a SportsCenter commercial. Do ya'll walk around in motorsports gear as you work?

Actually Tyson White: "Only on “Moto Mondays”. In fact, I’m sitting at my desk in a pair of Tech 10 MX Boots right now. "

Bikini and boardshort Thursdays are always better at the Alpinestars office! If you haven't seen the line check out their website - Alpinestars.com

Thanks Tyson and the PR Team at Alpinestars for taking the time for our quick interview!

Empire Wake has truly enjoyed the support and we are pushing this brand for a reason. It isn't often you have the pleasure of working with a private company that has a staff on point from top to bottom. We have seen the brand change in the action sports world just in the past 2 years. We know the crew will keep pushing the limits and making one of the top brands in the world.

Check out some of the line below:
HD Boardshort
Travel Gear
Women's Clothing

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