Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to the new!

Whats up?! and welcome to the new and improved Empire Wake site. We are streamlining and adjusting to some changes. Now all the events are on the same main page. No longer do you have to search through various tours. With the event location changes this just seems better for everyone.
The Collegiate Page is now EMPIRE U. It engulfs all that is Collegiate Wakeboarding from teams, to events, to collegiate riders.
The pages have more focus on special articles like rider spotlight and sponsor of the week. This is to help bring out the people who are killing it with Empire Wake. We are still here to help build the sport. A lot of riders are over looked by the bigger mags cause they just aren't there yet, or don't have a connection. Well if you ride our events, you will be noticed and you will get the attention you need to make that jump to the next level.
Please check out the site. Check it out often as we will be updating it every day. The Collegiate Wake Series starts this week so there is lots of content to be added.
Thanks for supporting! and always remember, "Support Those Who Support You!"


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