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All-American Summer Wakeboard Tour

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

   We are proud to announce the brand new grassroots  
All American Summer Wakeboard Tour! This tour is action packed every week with more to do than your grandparents can handle.

Wednesdays we will be at a local cable park having a good time demoing Humanoid Wakeboards, listening to music, showing us your best tricks, eating some All American Hot Dogs, and showing us your All American Spirit!

Friday, meet us at the lake and test out a brand spankin' new, made in American Nautique G Series. From noon until dark each Friday before the contest, the local boat dealer and sponsor of the event will be out letting you test out the new line. We, of course will be out there too with music, some games, and Humanoid boards to demo.

Saturday is the main event! The event is open to all ages and levels, free for spectators, and going to be a great time in the sun on the lake. The event starts at 9am with the Grom division and will be pulled with your top of the line tow boat.

This IS the All American Summer Wakeboard Tour, so we want to see your All American spirit! Dress out in jorts, American tank tops, American Flag headbands, American boardshorts, American Bikinis, bring some American beer, and wave your American flags!
Best dressed people will get prizes and giveaways. What is better than being on a like with a bunch of wakeboarders, girls in American flag bikinis and cut off shorts?

Empire Wake events are always like America, "Free Ride." And we want to see your style! Each judge scores out of 100pts. There are 4 equal categories: Syle, Composition, Amplitude and Execution.

Divisions for the day, in order of riding are:
Grom (under 12)
Intermediate - Up to 4 inverts, 360 spins
Advanced - Up to 6 inverts, 540 spins
Open - Anything goes!
Beginner - 1 invert, 180s, grabs, surface tricks.

Registration will begin at 9am
Entry fee is $40
No additional insurance is required, however we recommend personal health insurance


Grom division begins promptly at 10am! 

For complete rules please see the rules menu tab above.

You can register for events online or using our new EmpireWake Mobile App

For the full schedule, please click on the poster and save it! 
* some updates are expected so check back often




Ossur, They're a sponsor!

It is a new partnership we hope we never use! Sadly, injuries happen, and in wakeboarding there is none more prominent then a knee injury.  Fortunately, for the unfortunate, Empire Wake has teamed up with the staff of Ossur, maker of the CTi brace.

The crew at Ossur are here to help you when things go bad on the water. This partnership runs deep. It isn't about prizes, or something to take home from an event. What you can take home is some comfort that a well trained and knowledgeable staff can get you to the right doctor, physician, and into the correct brace to help you recover or even prevent future injury.

Through the whole "sponsorship" process, we have had a chance to get to know Don LoGuercio personally. He had plenty of time to talk with us while trying to bribe ObamaCare into only "supporting" Ossur products, (the website was down).  He was able to answer some questions on the company and product. Don is based out of Arizona and has become the go to guy for making sure you, the athlete, are taken care of correctly.

CTI knee braces in action from Collin Harrington on Vimeo.
Ossur is one of the largest producers of non-invasive bracing and supports in the WORLD.  Some of there most commonly used products in wakeboarding are: CTi Ligament Knee Brace (preventative & post-op), Cold Rush (cold therapy machine), Innovator DLX+ (post-op surgery knee brace), Wrist & Thumb bracing, Walking Boots (for ankle sprains, strains and factures) and many others.  They have over 30,000 items!

Ossur is not only a bracing and supports company but a prosthetic company providing bionic prosthesis to amputees returning from overseas, children and others who have lost their limbs due to numerous circumstances.

For all our athletes and supporters, Ossur is here to give you piece of mind that someone has your back. Don is available for any questions or needs.

He can be reached at: dloguercio@ossur.com

We are proud to have Ossur supporting Empire Wake. We know it is a relationship that will last for years to come. 

Just adding another top company to our family in 2014. 

All American Wakeboard Tour Online Registration

You can now register online ahead of time for any Empire Wake event!

All you have to do is click here and fill out the form on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet!

Register for the All-American Wakeboard Tour now, just click here!!

Candy for Thought

This past season Empire Wake picked up a unique new partner out of Denver Colorado. The brand was brought to light by an explosive rider by the name of Jade Whirley. After some talks with Jade, we here at Empire gave Aaron at Candy Grind a call and found out everything we needed to know.

To start, and to my disappointment, Candy Grind is in no way linked to Candy Crush. This is a common mistake that people have associating the brand to anything with the name "Candy" or "Grind."

Secondly, again to my disappointment, they DO NOT have windowless vans that they sell clothing out of the back (Nor candy for that matter).

With those myths out of the way, we got into the core of the brand and how amazing it is and dialed into the action sports world they really are.

Aaron Mynett is the brains behind the public relations and also a part owner. However, it was Austin and Brandi Paik that created the brand. The two had been shredding up in Big Bear when they had the idea in 2007. To make this dream a reality, they met with Breck snowboarding and moved to Colorado to set up shop. Both Brandi and Austin have backgrounds in fashion out of Las Angeles, California.

Candy Grind started out in the snowboard industry.  Overtime, they didn't want to just hybernate when the snow melted. They moved into a summer line and thanks to some riders like Jade, they are making huge strides in some gear that will rival the "big brands."

On our fall College Wake and Cable tour, we were able to stop by the now

old warehouse and offices. They were in the process of packing up and moving to a better location, but we still got to see how cool it would be to work with these guys.

To start they are supported by PBR. There was a vending machine loaded with cans. They had a mini ramp to skate, and an amazing atmosphere where it really felt like family. Part of this has to do with each of the 5 members inhouse are all part owners. That clearly isn't everything to them though. There is so much heart and passion running through those walls (and stitches).

This is a brand that is going to be around a long time. If you are looking to wear apparel that has more meaning then a bottom line and a board of directors looking to make max profit, and minimize cost, then you need to give Candy Grind a real look.

Currently, they have a full snowline of hoodies, jackets, gloves, bags, and beanies. They also have a summer line with boardshorts, tees, hats, bags.  Check everything out at Candy Grind's Website.

Although Candy Grind is already building a solid team, Aaron hopes one day they can get Anastasia Ashley into some gear. Now that would be some delicious Candy...

Elevate Yourself

Machi Block isn’t the type of guy to blend in. He towers at 6’5” with wild, red hair.  He has as big of a smile as he is a guy and it is always on his face. Machi’s clothing line isn’t here to blend either.

Elevated Clothing started in 2003 in Northwest Montana where Machi, the creator, attended both high school and college. In 2010 he moved the company to Southern California where it is based out of today. Elevated Clothing provides a relaxed style that blends harmoniously with the flashy action sports style. At first, it was a single shirt design (literally only one printed), but after much encouragement (and access to a screen printer), Machi decided to “elevate” his brand.

Machi relied on the encouragement of his friends and family as he left mechanical engineering to study graphic design. He decided that his brand would be more than just something to wear, but instead would stand as an encouragement to extreme sport athletes to pursue their passions and to live a good life. With many opportunities knocking on Machi’s door, he and the crew of Elevated Clothing went on a nation-wide tour to promote the brand. The 5 guys hopped into an ’85 Chevy Van and proceeded to travel 15,000 miles around the country in 6 weeks.

As a die-hard snowboarder most of his life, Machi naturally fell in love with wakeboarding. He loved the memories that were being made with his friends while traveling. Everything from bonfires in Seattle to catching crabs for the first time off the Pacific Coast (the seafood). Block knew the wakeboard lifestyle was something he wanted to be submersed in, thus his inspiration sprang forth.

He is currently working on the wakeboard style of clothing. They will be launching a new board short that will be very versatile and look like “nothing anyone has seen”.

Have no regrets to look back on and live your life to the fullest.”  - Machi Block

Want to see more from Elevated? They will be at Surf Expo in Orlando Florida September 6-8th. Also check out their website at http://www.elevatedclothingco.com/

-Article by Katie Abbott. 

Texas Wake Series at Texas Ski Ranch

 July 27th, 2013

The Texas Wake Series knocked out its first 2 events over July 4th weekend at Lake Lewisville. Now it is time to head south down I-35 to Texas Ski Ranch for stop 3 and 4. Its going to be a wild day!

The event kicks off early with registration at 8am and the Cable stop starting at 9am with the Grom Division. These under 10 year olds will show us who the future of Cable riding will be.
Stop 3 is all about the cable park. The event is open to all ages and levels. The divisions will get tougher as the morning goes on until noon.

After the cable event, we will give out prizes to the top 3 riders in each division. Thanks to all our great partners expect prizes from Alpinestars, Kicker Audio, Elevated Clothing, Buywake.com, JetPilot, Shred Ready Helmets, Smith Optics, and Dupe Flip Flops.

Grab some lunch up at Wahoos fish tacos and we will spin the event, gas up the Axis A22 and hit the lake. Event 4 is all about the wake!

Texas Wake Series stop 4 begins at 1pm with the Grom division once again working its way up the divisions until we have all our winners. After the boat is done we will hand out more prizes to the top 3 spots from all our partners.

Entry fee is $30 per rider per event. Each rider can participate in Cable, Wake or both. All riders will be offered a 4 hours pass to the cable park for the cost of 2 hours as well. This is a great deal from TSR.

Registration at 8am for cable and boat and again at noon for boat only. 

Cable Divisions:
Grom - Under 10
Beginner - features only
Intermedite - 1 air trick plus features
Advanced - 3 air tricks per pass and features
Open - Anything goes

Boat Divisions:

Grom - Under 10
Beginner - No inverts, 180 spins
Intermediate - up to 3 inverts, 360 spins
Advanced - up to 5 inverts, 540 spins
Open - Anything goes

Texas Wake Series Hydrous

July 6th 2013

Stop 2 is right behind Liberty by the Lake! Just 2 days after celebrating Independence day, we round the bend on Lake Lewisville to the brand new Hydrous Wake Park.

This beautiful new wake park is destine to be event better then the first over in Allen Texas. It isn't open just yet though. Our event will be one of the first to take place there and we couldn't be more honored to continue our relationship.

The event will be first thing in the morning starting registration at 8am with the event starting promptly at 9am with the Grom division. We ask that all riders get to registration first thing so we can get through the quick 3 hour event.

The Texas Wake Series this year is hosting 2 boat events and 2 cable events. Hydrous will the 1st of the 2 cable stops. Empire Wake will be looking to start ranking riders in Texas along with promoting and helping secure industry support.

Divisions for the cable events will be

Groms - Under 10 years of age
Beginner - No air tricks, must complete at least 1 feature
Intermediate - 1 air trick, must complete 3 features
Advanced - Air Tricks, Features, no mobes
Open - Anything goes

Entry fee is $30 per rider

Top 3 riders of each division will win great gear from our event sponsors! 

The times each division begins depending on the size and quickness of the one before. We ask again that you please be ready to go by 9am

Add us on facebook! 

Hydrous Event Facebook page 


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